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TECH Tire Repairs

TECH Tire Repairs, headquartered in Johnstown, Ohio, is a trusted global leader in tire and tube repairs and wheel service products.

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Founded in 1939 by Charles Cornell, TECH pioneered a cold vulcanization process in the U.S. that repaired tires without heat, revolutionizing the tire industry.  Today, TECH produces a full range of tire repair materials including radial and bias repair units, plug-patch combination repairs, inserts, RFID tags, vulcanizing cements and related chemicals, uncured cushion gum, and extruded rubber.

In addition to the TECH line of tire repair and wheel service products, TECH’s parent company, Tech International, produces industrial repair and bonding products under the PANG Industrial™ line.  Tech International’s products are marketed in 96 countries under the TECH, PANG Industrial and Truflex/PANG brands, as well as several private label brands.